www.38MainStreet.com © 2010 www.boydireland.com Quality 2 Bedroom Self-Catering Accommodation Tourist Accommodation Certification Northern Ireland’s accommodation sector is unique to any other part of the UK. It is the only region where legislation exists to ensure all properties meet basic standards for visitors. In Northern Ireland, all tourist accommodation must be inspected by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB). This is compulsory under the Tourism (Northern Ireland) Order 1992. This means that all properties must reach an acceptable standard before they can operate and offer accommodation to tourists. It is illegal for a property to operate without having a valid NITB certificate in place. The Tourism (Northern Ireland) Order 1992 prohibits anyone from providing or offering to provide tourist accommodation as a business (that is, overnight sleeping accommodation for tourists provided by way of a trade or business) unless there is a valid certificate issued by NITB in force in respect of the premises. These regulations apply to all tourist accommodation categories.               38 Main Street “Claddagh Terrace” is NITB Certified